Premises Liability

David Young and Jason Azzarone Secure A Summary Judgment in a Premises Liability Case

Premises LiabilityDavid Young and Jason Azzarone were successful in securing a summary judgment in a slip and fall negligence case filed in Pinellas county, in which the firm represented a the tenant of an office complex. The Plaintiff alleged that the tenant and landlord negligently maintained a handicap ramp on the property.  Mr. Young and Mr. Azzarone filed a crossclaim on behalf of the tenant against the landlord for breach of contract, common law indemnity and contractual indemnity based upon language contained in the lease agreement between the tenant and landlord which provided that the landlord was responsible for maintenance of all common areas and which further provided for indemnification of the tenant.  The Court granted motions for summary judgment in favor of the tenant on the negligence claims raised by the plaintiff as well as the crossclaim.  In granting summary judgment on the crossclaim, the Court also entered a final judgment awarding the tenant its attorneys’ fees.