La Cava & Jacobson obtained a defense verdict in Hillsborough County

Lou La Cava and David Young obtained a defense verdict for an emergency room physician in a case tried in Hillsborough County. The Plaintiff alleged that the physician was negligent for failing to diagnose and treat a pelvic fracture in a woman who was brought to the emergency room from the rehabilitation hospital where she was recovering from a revision of a prior hip replacement. The Plaintiff claimed pain and suffering damages due to the alleged delay. The defense argued that the physician met the standard of care and that in fact the appropriate treatment provided by the physician reduce her pain and suffering during her recovery. After a 4 day trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the physician after deliberating for approximately one hour.

La Cava & Jacobson obtains a dismissal in a medical practice case in Duval County

Lou La Cava and David Young
obtained a dismissal of their client in a medical malpractice case filed in Duval County against multiple physicians and facilities. The Plaintiff alleged that the emergency medicine physician failed to properly diagnose an elongated QT Interval in a suicidal patient. The Plaintiff alleged that although properly Baker Acted, the Plaintiff should not have been medicated in the psychiatric facility given the underlying cardiac issue and that such medication caused the death. The defense of this physician was that his care did not cause the death of the minor Plaintiff. Although all of the other Defendants represented by other attorneys settled their claim, the Plaintiff filed a notice of dismissal of the claims as to the physician and no settlement was paid on behalf of the Defendant emergency medicine physician.

Kari Jacobson Speaks at the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

Kari K. Jacobson, Esquire spoke at the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Conference on February 23, 2017 in Grapevine, Texas.  During the conference Kari presented “Just Keep Swimming – While Avoiding RWIs” – Avoiding Recreational Water Illnesses.

La Cava & Jacobson, P.A. Obtains A Final Summary Judgment In Favor Of A Hospital

David Nelson and Vicki Jobling were successful in obtaining a Final Summary Judgment in favor of a hospital in a case involving allegations that the hospital was liable for the alleged negligence of an emergency room physician.

In that case, the plaintiff alleged that when he came to the ER following a sports-related injury to his foot and ankle, the emergency medicine providers negligently failed to diagnose “compartment syndrome” a painful condition that can lead to irreversible muscle and nerve damage. The plaintiff alleged that, as a result of the failure to diagnose “compartment syndrome,” he suffered permanent muscle and nerve damage in his foot, ankle and leg, leading to pain and an inability to not only perform his job as an insurance claims adjuster, but also the loss of promotion possibilities at his place of employment. In his Complaint, the plaintiff alleged that the hospital could be held liable for the negligence of the emergency medicine providers under “non-delegable duty” and “apparent agency” theories. The Judge disagreed and entered a Final Order of Summary on these claims. A copy of that Order and the Order denying the plaintiff’s Motion for Rehearing are attached to this email.