Lou La Cava and Brett Gliosca Obtained a Defense Verdict Alleging Negligence In Use of the Florida Mental Health Act

Lou La Cava and Brett Gliosca obtained a defense verdict in a case alleging negligence in the use of the Florida Mental Health Act (Baker Act) and false imprisonment against two emergency medicine physicians. The Plaintiff alleged there were insufficient grounds to initiate the Baker Act and a failure to rescind the Baker Act when the subsequent physician took over care. She also alleged violation of the Baker Act because she was not transferred to a facility for a mental health examination within in the 12 hour time period mandated by the Baker Act. Lou and Brett successfully defended the case with the jury returning a verdict finding no negligence and that the Plaintiff was not falsely imprisoned.

Jonathon P. Lynn Obtains a Defense Verdict in West Palm Beach

Jon Lynn obtained a defense verdict for an oral surgeon in West Palm Beach after a 5 day trial. The oral surgeon was sued because he allegedly extracted a wisdom tooth that did not need to be extracted and the patient sustained a nerve injury that would leave her with permanent pain and numbness of her left lower lip and chin. The patient had been referred to the oral surgeon by her dentist who had examined the patient the day before the extractions. He testified that although the patient needed her right lower wisdom tooth removed, her left lower wisdom tooth was “perfectly fine”. The oral surgeon contended that both lower third molars needed to be extracted and the patient suffered a known complication of wisdom tooth extraction. The jury deliberated for an hour before returning a defense verdict.

Lou La Cava Presents at Neurosurgery Grand Rounds

Louis J. La CavaLou La Cava spoke at Neurosurgery Grand Rounds on the topic, Avoiding Litigation, Is It possible? The audience included attending physicians, residents and medical students. The presentation included information on medical malpractice litigation, Florida medical malpractice law, patient care and how medical errors can be avoided.