Defense Verdict In A Case Against An Ophthalmologist In Pinellas County

Lou La Cava and Barbara Chapman obtained a defense verdict in a case filed against an ophthalmologist in Pinellas County. The Plaintiff saw the defendant, a retinal specialist, due to retinal tears and retinal detachments. He received laser treatments as well as vitrectomies and a scleral buckle procedure. The Plaintiff alleged that due to an improperly performed fluid-gas exchange performed in the doctor’s office the patient developed increased intraocular pressure causing loss of blood supply to the optic nerve. The Plaintiff went on to have a total loss of vision and eventually had to have his eye enucleated. Although there were some documentation issues, the defense argued that the care and treatment provided was well within the standard of care. The defense also successfully argued that the plaintiff failed to prove causation because they were unable to demonstrate that the patient’s eye pain after the procedure was due to increased intraocular pressure. The plaintiff attorney asked the jury to award between four and nine million dollars. After a one week trial the jury returned a verdict finding in favor of the ophthalmologist.