Defense verdict obtained for physicians in a case tried in Hernando County

Lou La Cava and David Young obtained a defense verdict for two emergency room physicians and a hospital in a case tried in Hernando County. The Plaintiff alleged that the physicians were negligent for failing to diagnose and treat Group B Strep meningitis in a 17 week old child who was brought to the hospital with symptoms of  a high fever, high  heart rate and spitting up more,  on one visit and the next day with lethargy and vomiting. The child did suffer neurological injuries which resulted in a right hemiparesis as well as severe cognitive deficits. The defense argued that the both physicians met the standard of care and that the unfortunate outcome was the result of the disease process and not negligence. After a two week trial the jury returned a verdict in favor of the physicians and the hospital after deliberating for approximately one hour.