Kari Jacobson And Kevin Houston Obtained A Directed Verdict For A Hospital In A Premises Liability Case

In November 2019 Kari Jacobson and Kevin Houston tried a premises liability case for a hospital located in Charlotte County (Punta Gorda) Florida. During trial, the Plaintiff alleged that Defendant hospital was negligent for failing to maintain portions of its roof in a reasonably safe condition; failing to warn Plaintiff about a known dangerous condition that existed on the roof; and failing to correct and/or repair the known dangerous condition causing Plaintiff’s accident and fall. Following Plaintiff’s case the hospital moved for directed verdict. The judge reserved ruling and allowed the case to proceed to a jury verdict. Jurors found the hospital 10% liable, Plaintiff 50% liable and a nonparty/Fabre defendant 40% liable. Following the verdict Defendant Hospital renewed their motion for directed verdict. On February 3, 2020, after hearing arguments of counsel, the Judge granted the hospital’s motion for directed verdict, vacated the jury’s verdict, and entered judgment in favor of Defendant hospital.