Medical Malpractice Case

La Cava & Jacobson Obtain Defense Verdict For Medical Malpractice Case

Medical Malpractice CaseLou La Cava obtained a defense verdict for an uninsured physician in an 8 day medical malpractice case tried in Pinellas County. The plaintiff argued the vascular surgeon was negligent in ordering unnecessary tests and performing an unnecessary renal angioplasty on a patient which they claimed led to the loss of the patient’s kidney. It was further alleged there was a lack of informed consent because the physician did not inform the patient about various physical disabilities he had and several months after the procedure applied for total disability with a date relating back to before the date of the procedure. After Plaintiff’s case was concluded Mr. La Cava’s motion for directed verdict on the informed consent claim was granted by the court. The jury later deliberated on the remaining claims and found the defendant physician was not negligent and negligence was not the legal cause of the plaintiff’s alleged injuries. Mr. La Cava received administrative assistance at the trial from April La Cava and was also assisted during the trial by Andrew Hudson a third year law student and law clerk with La Cava and Jacobson.