Lou La Cava and Janett Durkee Obtain A Dismissal For ENT Physician

Janet DurkeeLouis J. La CavaLou La Cava and Janet Durkee obtained a dismissal of their ENT client without any settlement payment in a case alleging the physician was negligent in the care and treatment of a patient’s ear infection. The Plaintiff alleged the failure to appropriately treat the infection with the correct medications resulted in a perforated ear drum and requirement of a reconstructive ear surgery. The Plaintiff alleged damages of hearing loss and ongoing tinnitus. (ringing in the ears) The case was ordered by the court to non-binding arbitration on two separate occasions. Two different arbitrators returned an arbitration result in favor of the Defendant finding no negligence on the part of the physician. After the second arbitration finding no negligence the Plaintiff agreed to dismiss the case against the physician with prejudice.