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Lou La Cava has been a respected attorney in Florida for 30 years

Board Member Profile: Lou La Cava

lou-lacava2Lou La Cava has been a respected attorney in Florida for 30 years. There are many worthwhile charities which he and his wife April support, and the FMC Foundation of Caring is one to which he proudly donates his time, talent and treasure.

florida-medical-clinic The Foundation has invested over $1.7 million in Pasco and Hillsborough charities that assist the ill, poor, homeless, and otherwise marginalized, and volunteers and donors like La Cava are a big reason why. Lou La Cava has been a Foundation Board member for two years and has taken a lead in the community grant award process. His firm is also a key event sponsor.

La Cava grew up in New York in what he called a blue-collar family. He unfortunately lost his father when he was only six, so his mother was forced to raise he and his brother on her own. She did a very good job as both of her sons became the first family members to graduate from college.

Six years after college, La Cava took the LSAT before graduating from law school in 1985 and has been practicing law ever since, specializing in defending physicians and others that get sued in civil cases. However, that is only a small part of what La Cava does.

La Cava’s role on the FMC Foundation of Caring Board of Directors is to Chair the Community Grants Program committee. In this capacity he reviews grant applications, facilitates on-site visits to applicant agencies and leads the competitive grant award process.

And he loves every minute of it.

“Giving the money out is definitely the most fun part of my job,” he said. “It’s enlightening to see how many organizations are serving the community well, filling important gaps in our network of health and social services programs. To be in a position to give back to the community makes the investment of time and money well worth it.”

With members and supporters like La Cava, it’s safe to say that the FMC Foundation of Caring is in good hands, and able to continue to pursue its mission of leveraging resources that enrich lives by supporting measurable, immediate and lasting positive change in the Tampa Bay area.