Medical Malpractice

Lou La Cava Obtains A Summary Judgment For A Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Case Filed In Hillsborough County

Lou La Cava obtained a summary judgment for his cardiac surgeon client in a wrongful death medical malpractice case filed in Hillsborough County. The plaintiff alleged the surgeon was negligent in delaying bypass surgery and in the technical performance of the surgery which resulted in the death of the patient who was a physician. Mr La Cava had previously represented a cardiologist who was a defendant in the same case and obtained a dismissal with prejudice without any settlement payment from him or his employer. The cardiac surgeon, who was then represented by another law firm, requested his file be transferred to La Cava. After clearing all conflicts the case was transferred. La Cava ultimately was able to convince plaintiff’s counsel to agree to an unopposed motion for summary judgment in favor of the cardiac surgeon and the court entered an order granting the summary judgment.