Medical Malpractice

Defense Verdict For Two Obstetrician/Gynecologists In a Medical Malpractice Case Tried In Hillsborough County

Medical MalpracticeLou La Cava, Piper Hurley and Jim Wetzel obtained a defense verdict for two Obstetrician/Gynecologists and their practice groups in a medical malpractice case tried in Hillsborough County. The Plaintiff alleged she had to have her only fallopian tube removed due to a delay in diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy. Plaintiff’s claimed that both defendants failed to follow up on a pathology report after a Dilatation and Curettage. The pathology report showed that the specimen removed did not contain any chorionic villi and therefore there was a suspicion for an ectopic pregnancy. The ectopic pregnancy ruptured before being diagnosed and therefore the patient could not have a more conservative treatment which would have preserved the tube. The case was defended on both standard of care and causation. The defense position was that while there was a system failure regarding reporting the results of the pathology report it was not caused by the negligence of the physicians. Further, it was argued that the Plaintiff more likely than not would have needed to have her tube removed even if the ectopic pregnancy was diagnosed sooner. After an 8 day trial the jury returned a verdict finding that there was no negligence that was a legal cause of injury to the Plaintiff.

La Cava & Jacobson and April La Cava raised over $50,000 for Hands Across the Bay!

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Defense Verdict For a Medical Malpractice Case in Broward County

Jon Lynn got a defense verdict in a medical malpractice case after a one week trial in Broward County. The defendant, an orthopedic trauma surgeon, was sued by his former patient who had sustained a comminuted fracture of her left forearm that the doctor treated with a long arm cast. The plaintiff’s expert testified that there was virtually no chance that the fracture would heal without surgery and told the jury that the defendant was negligent because he failed to perform an open reduction and internal fixation within a week or two of the accident. The fracture went on to a non-union and the plaintiff had surgery by another orthopedic surgeon two years later. She claimed damages as a result of the delay in surgery. The jury disagreed and returned a verdict for the doctor.

Presentation on Medical Errors Presented by Lou La Cava

Louis J. La CavaLou La Cava was a speaker at Ocala Regional Medical Center’s and The Marion County Medical Society’s CME on Medical Errors. The presentation included information on the types of medical errors that are likely to lead to litigation, how to avoid them and other topics covering medical malpractice litigation in Florida. Physicians who attended this presentation obtained obtained two hours of continuing medical education.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Charity Golf Tournament

La Cava & Jacobson, P.A. is a proud sponsor of Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office 24th Annual Charity Golf Tournament. All proceeds benefit the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches. The Foundation contributes to the success of youth boys and girls across the state by providing educational, leadership, and life skill programs.

Lou La Cava spoke at Obstetric and Gynecology Grand Rounds

Louis J. La CavaLou La Cava spoke at Obstetric and Gynecology Grand Rounds on the topic, Avoiding Litigation, Is it Possible. The audience included attending physicians, residents and medical students. The presentation included information on medical malpractice litigation, Florida medical malpractice law, patient care and how medical errors can be avoided.

Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice in a Case against Physical Therapist

In October 2019, Lou La Cava and Iva Valtcheva were successful in obtaining a voluntary dismissal with prejudice in a case against a physical therapist in Pasco County. The Plaintiffs alleged that the physical therapist was negligent in her care of the patient when she allegedly left her patient unattended and he suffered a fall, which resulted in an injury to his amputated limb, subsequent infection, revision of the initial amputation, and prolonged hospitalization and recovery thereafter. The defense argued that the incident did not occur as it was described by the Plaintiffs, that the physical therapist did not leave her patient unattended and that she did not breach the standard of care. It was further argued by the defense that the infection and need for the second amputation was not caused by the alleged fall; rather, the injuries claimed were the sequelae of Plaintiff’s long-standing health issues including diabetes and peripheral vascular disease. There were no offers made to settle the matter and the case was prepared for trial. After two years of zealously defending the physical therapy provided, the Plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the matter with prejudice without any payment made on behalf of the physical therapist or her employer.