Jason Azzarone obtained a Final Summary Judgment in a Premises Liability Case Where the Trial Court Enforced a Contractual Exculpatory Clause

Jason M. AzzaroneJason Azzarone was successful in securing a Final Summary Judgment in Collier County in a slip and fall case where the firm represented a RV Campground. Plaintiff filed her Complaint alleging negligence stemming from an incident in which she tripped and fell on a “change in elevation of the walking surface,” of Defendant’s property. Prior to her stay at the campground, the plaintiff received rules and regulations for the campground which included an exculpatory clause. The exculpatory clause stated that the plaintiff would hold the Defendant harmless from any and all liability for personal injuries. The plaintiff acknowledged that she read the rules and regulations and signed a form acknowledging her agreement to abide by them. The Trial Court held that the exculpatory clause was valid and enforceable. In doing so, the Trial Court found the clause to be clear and unambiguous.